What is Pilot Central? Pilot Central is an online organization for flight simulation professionals using online flying networks such as Vatsim, IVAO, an Pilot Edge. The members within this organization pride themselves on doing things realistically, correctly, and have a desire to learn new things.
How do I log my flights? To log your flight automatically first make sure you have a valid VATSIM, PilotEdge, or IVAO ID on file with Pilot Central by looking at your profile within the Intranet.
  • Load your flightsim and prepare your flight.
  • Connect to your online network of choice (VATSIM, IVAO, or Pilot Edge)
  • When you file your flight plan with your network, in the remarsk of the flight plan enter "www.pilotcentral.org" (Vatsim), "RMK/VPC" (All Networks), or "OPR/VPC" (all networks) without the quotes.
  • The system will find your flight plan and track you using your networks data, as you fly.
Check the map to make sure your flight has been picked up. Once you land recheck the map and make sure the status says "On Blocks" befoer disconnecting. That's it! You've done your first flight at Pilot Central. For more information check discord!.
What if the servers crash and my flight is not logged? If the site does not log your flight due to a network server crash or other technical problem simply file a manual pirep within the intranet and in the remarks state why you are filing a manual report. Keep in mind manual reports are approved on a case by case basis, we prefer flights are flown online or with PilotTracker. A tutorial on the manual pirep form can be found on the boards (forums).
What if I am doing a long flight and must disconnect? If you plan to fly a long flight we recommend you use PilotTracker in the event you get disconnected or if you plan to step away and do not want to get a suspension. When using PilotTracker, you do not need to add the remarks to your flight plan since logging is being done through the PilotTracker application rather than the network data.
My departure/arrival airport says "Not Found", what do I do? If you are flying a flight and your departure or arrival airport is listed as "Not Found" you have two options. First you can fly the flight, the system will pick the closest airport in the database and log it to that airport. Your second option is to wait until we add the airport to the database. If your airport is "Not Found" please post the airport on the boards (forums) in the correct thread and we will add it asap.
Can I fly VFR? Yes, Pilot Central allows VFR and IFR flights, feel free to fly whatever you want. If you want to fly a Cessna 172 in the pattern, you can do that, our site will track it (you must file a VFR flight plan with the remarks section filled out).
What if I divert my flight? If you must divert your flight that is alright. Once you begin your diversion, our system will recognize that you are arriving at an airport other than the one you have filed and update your status to "Diverting". Upon landing at your diversion airport, the flight will be logged as "Diverted" and your arrival airport will be changed from your original arrival airport to the airport you diverted to.
Why is there no carrier logo on my pirep? This means we did not yet add the logo. We will support all real world airline logos, if the logo is missing send an email or post on the boards (forums). We will add fictional airline logos only if their airline ICAO code does not conflict with a real world airline.
I use X-PLANE, can I still join? Yes! We are open to all X-PLANE users since network logging uses Vatsim and IVAO and not your simulator. If you use X-PLANE and wish to fly offline, our PilotTracker software supports X-Plane.
Can I donate to Pilot Central? Yes! If you wish to Donate, there is a donation page located inside the intranet with more details. Once we verify the donation, we will grant you a donation award.
All About the PilotTracker software If you want to do a long flight and fly offline you may use our PilotTracker software. This software is designed by TFDi Design, the client is known as smartCARS and is customized for us at Pilot Central.

If you want to use PilotTracker please login to the website, go to the intranet, click "Flight Ops", and then "Book Flight". Fill out the form and submit it to book your flight. This form is based on the ICAO flight plan, please make sure to fill it out properly. Once done, you will find your flight in PilotTracker and can begin flying.

Please download PilotTracker by following this link. In depth documentation for troubleshooting can be found here.

If you want additional features from PilotTracker, you can look into purchasing smartCARS Premium here.