Operations Manual

1.1.1 Prospective members will be required to make their application for membership over the Internet at the Pilot Central web site. Applications must be fully completed pursuant to the instructions and the rules and regulations located on the application web page(s).

1.1.2 Pilot Central requires that all new and returning pilots are at least sixteen (16) years of age. Under no circumstances will an applicant under this age be hired. Any pilot who is found falsifying their age will be banned from Pilot Central indefinitely.

1.1.3 Pilot Central does not charge any fees to apply for or to retain membership in the organization. In addition, no member of Pilot Central may request money or charge fees as a prerequisite to advancing an individual in rank and no member may offer to pay money or a fee to another in order to secure advancement in rank.

Transfer of Hours

1.2.1 You may not transfer any hours from a previous VA or from a virtual network such as IVAO or Vatsim. All members must start their hours fresh from zero. Any requests for transfers will be denied.

Re-Hires& Inactivity

1.3.1 Any member who wishes to return to Pilot Central after being marked as inactive must contact an admin member. Habitual inactive pilots are subject to permanent removal from Pilot Central.

1.3.2 Any member wishing to be re-hired after being removed for inactivity should contact an admin member, outlining the reasons behind their absence and to confirm that they are committed to fulfilling the minimum flight requirements set out in the Operations section below. The decision to re-hire inactive members is made at the discretion of the admin member contacted.

Pilot Rankings

Rank Minimum Hours
Trainee 0
Second Officer 250
First Officer 500
Captain 750
Senior Captain 1000
Chief Pilot 1500+

Minimum Flight Requirements

2.1.1 All new hires must complete their first flight within fourteen (14) days of hire. Thereafter, each pilot must complete a minimum of one (1) flight every sixty (60) days, and file a PIREP (Pilot Report) via automatic logging or approved manual form to receive the hourly credit for flight time. Flights completed as part of a PIREP that is denied do not count towards the minimum flight requirement. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the members account being frozen until the account has been inactive for one hundred eighty (180) days or the pilot requests reactivation via email per section 1.3.1, which ever comes first. Once the account reaches the one hundred eighty (180) day mark the account will be terminated. See section 1.2.2.

Nobody is going to hold you to this, if you've got time restraints that occasionally make it difficult for you to meet this requirement let us know and we will work with you. The reason for a minimum flight per month rule is to assist with keeping a clean roster. However, the submission of fraudulent PIREPs will result in the immediate termination of the users membership with Pilot Central.

2.1.2 Our rosters are periodically purged of inactive accounts. If your account becomes inactive for longer than one hundred eighty (180) days, your account will be revoked and your membership with Pilot Central terminated with immediate effect. Sending a reminder to inactive members is optional for us, if you are inactive, Pilot Central may furlough the E-mail process and delete your account without notification. Should a member wish to return, they will be subject to Re-Hire Policy 1.3.X New pilots with no flights that end up being marked inactive per section 2.1.1 will not get an email, and will not have their account frozen, they will simply be removed from the organization effective immeddiately.    

2.1.3 All flights are to be flown using our automated system to log online flight on either Vatsim or IVAO. Manual PIREPs using the PIREP form are only accepted on a case by case basis and will require an explanation in the remarks section. Failure to provide an explanation in the comments section of the manual PIREP will result in the PIREP being rejected.

Flight Logs

2.2.1 Pilots are only permitted to receive logged flight time if the flight took place using our automated flight logging system or an admin approved manual pirep. The submission of fraudulent PIREPs will result in the immediate termination of the users membership with Pilot Central.

2.2.2 Pilots will not be required to depart from their previous arrival location, however where possible this only enhances realism. Pilots are free to fly any flight that they wish, whenever they wish.

2.2.3 Pilots are allowed to fly any flight they want so long as the flight is realistic in the sense that the flight destination and arrival, aircraft equipment, and flight number are done within the carriers real world operations. Pilots are encouraged to look up the real flights online and operate them as fillied, however pilots may make up flights as long as the flight is realistic. This rule does not apply to private registration flights and external virtual airline flights.

This means you can still fly what you want so long as it is realistic. In other words, do not fly a flight with Us Airways from Salt Lake to Vancouver in a Boeing 737, the airline doesn't operate that aircraft or that route. You aren't required to fly current schedules, but you must fly realistic routes and may not spam the same flight number at every airline on every flight. You may still fly whatever aircraft and route you want with private registrations. You may also fly an external fictional VA's routes and log them here. Be a professional, do not be silly.

Event Participation

2.3.1 There is no event bonus currently in place, this may change over time.

2.3.2 Pilot Central strongly encourages participation in online events. An events calendar with upcoming network events can be found onced logged in.

Leaveof Absence

2.4.1 Leave of Absence (LOA) is an option available to member's who do not believe they will be able to meet the requirements of Section 2.1. An LOA allows a member to remain on our roster and remove them from the restrictions of flying that may result in their removal for inactivity until they feel able to return to active status.

2.4.2 Leave of Absence requests will only be considered for pilots who have been a member for a minimum of 30 days.

2.4.3 An LOA is considered temporary. You should plan on resuming your flight requirements as stated in policy 2.1.

a) If you feel you are unable to resume flight activity within six months of your leave request (Military deployment, etc) , you should alert a manager at your earliest convenience. You will not be penalized for this action and may return without penalty when you are able.

b) Pilots who are on LOA who have not submitted an approved pirep within six months will be removed from the roster and subject to policy 2.1.2.

2.4.4 Pilots abusing LOAs will be removed from the roster. This is considered a disciplinary termination. Any rehires will require team member approval. One common abuse is a repetitive cycle of 1 or 2 pireps and then an LOA to avoid flight requirements. If you need to be placed on a leave of absence, simply contact a manager and theyll make the necessary arrangements.

Resource Usage

3.1.0 As is the case with many flight simulation-related website, freedom of speech rights are not valid here. This website and discord is privately owned and operated. Users shall not post or transmit material through these mediums that:

  • Violates or infringes the rights of another (such as the unauthorized posting of trademarks, copyrighted material, and the like);
  • Threatens, abuses, defames, or otherwise attacks another (such as through sociological, geographical, political, financial, or religious attacks);
  • Contains profanity, vulgarity, or other obscenities;
  • Contains pornography or pornographic language; OR
  • Spams or otherwise has the effect of a mass advertisement or mailing.

3.1.1 This service is free to you, and is completely revocable at any time at the sole discretion of the owner. Any abuse of these forums, including but not limited to the primary bullets above, will be subject to immediate termination of the users current and any future accounts with websites affiliated with or owned by principles of Ryan Parry. Forum use is a privilege, not a right. Please treat it as such.

3.1.2 If you intend to use a signature banner in your posts, the maximum physical size allowed is 450 pixels wide by 130 pixels high. The maximum file size allowed is 75k. If you choose to use multiple banners, the above limits apply to the TOTAL physical size (including space between the banners) and the TOTAL file size. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by moderators of the forum beforehand. It is recommended that you use the pilot signature from the Intranet. Violations of this rule will result in the deletion of the users signature banner, and repeated violations of this rule may result in a permanent ban of the users current and future forum accounts.

3.1.3 As has been explained before, we reserve the right to restrict or prevent a user from using these forums, either through the locking and removing of threads or the outright banning of accounts and IP addresses.

3.1.4 Furthermore, due to the varying nature of conflict or other issues that may arise, it should be understood that the application and enforcement of these rules or those otherwise deemed necessary may be enforced to a greater or lesser degree without warning.

3.1.5 As a method for controlling easier functionality of the forums, please refrain from posting or replying to threads posted within categories that do not correspond with the subjects topic. Management may, at their sole discretion, move or delete topics to provide for smoother forum use.

3.1.6 Users must use their first and last names when registering for a username on these forums. If a user is not comfortable providing his last name, an initial followed by a period will be deemed satisfactory.

3.1.7 Lastly, please remember that while this service is provided to you free of charge, the service you are using is not free to the owner. Abuses of bandwidth will be dealt with on a case by case basis (you may not know you are actually abusing bandwidth, and we will keep this in mind if a situation arises). As a rule of thumb please respect the owner’s wishes to keep the forum a fun and enjoyable environment for virtual aviation. 

Terrorism and Misuse

3.2.0 Since the tragic events of the September 11th attacks, our world has become much more sensitive to commercial aircraft and aviation. Flying is a safe and enjoyable experience, one that terrorists cannot take away from us. By joining Pilot Central, you understand that our website and organization is for HOBBYIST PURPOSES ONLY. Any suspicious behavior will be considered a real threat to the safety of our members, and will be reported directly and without hesitation to the Federal Government of the United States of America – no exceptions.